Today’s audience consumes information in a variety of forms & devices

Distributed To All Major Media Players

While media distribution and consumption continues to change, the NextGen TM  Press Release accelerates  your business above all others by using leading providers in a variety of formats beyond the traditional news outlets

Why Choose Newswirelab
and the NextGen TM  Press Release?

At NewswireLab , we offer an effective way of reaching your target audience.  The NextGen ™ Press Release will increase your brand’s reputation, reliability, and credibility. Enhance your brand to active customers and search engine algorithms alike, with viable assets like video, audio, graphic content, and more. Let Newswirelab’s NextGen ™ Press Release shine a bright light on your PR.

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Pricing plans
Easy to Follow Steps

We will communicate your message clearly to your target audience, and get you featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, YouTube, Alexa, Slideshare, Spotify and many more with little to no effort on your part.

All you need to do is follow a few easy steps and let our experts do the rest. We’ve got you covered!

Your Brand is Hand Crafted
into First Class Content

NewswireLab’s system is half artistry and half technology. We start with talented writers who get your message right. We then use skilled experts to create your videos and voice overs. Next, we unleash fast moving technology to blast your new assets across the internet.

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Let NewsWireLab’s Revolutionary and One of A Kind Distribution Work For You!

In our 18 years long journey, we have acquired significant assets that can help you today.

We have in place hard to get publisher agreements, advanced technical infrastructure, and connected networks that are ready for you to use for your business needs right now.

You Get Reliable, High-Quality Assets and Distribution with Every PR.

We provide you with professional writing, multimedia, and high-quality distribution that will grant instant exposure to your brand at an affordable cost.

Authorities like Google News, NBC, CBS, Fox, and many more will feature your content in no time.

Included in Every Package

Various Package Options Available

We distribute these created assets to over 600+ authority sites News Outlet, International Sites, Podcasts, Videos, VDAs, Social Media, Social Blogs, Slideshows, PDF sharing, RSS, Crawlers and Bots

Features and Benefits

Increase results from multiple distribution points and formats.

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Branded and Professional Content

Written by our trusted seasoned copywriters experienced in writing crisp and persuasive content that will grab your customers’ attention. And communicate your message in your brand voice.

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DFY – Done for You

All you need to do is provide us with a basic amount of information. And then you can sit back and relax while our professional media team creates high-quality content for you.

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After about 18 years of experience in the press release space., NewswireLab created NextGen™ Press Release to get you results other media solutions cannot. 

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Multiple Formats
and Distributions

Our media artisans professionally produce useful media formats across 11 different services using today’s top providers.

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Human Generated Content

NewsWireLab’s team of real humans create your videos and voiceovers. We prefer skilled craftsmanship over disappointing AI generated media.

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Extensible Assets!

Our specialized team broadcasts your message in new media formats.

Beyond the impressive benefits of The NextGen™ Press Release, you also get to walk away with real assets, giving you value for years to come. 

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Set and Forget!

Simple and easy. You just give us a bit of information, and wait for the outstanding material and results to roll in in no time at all.

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Far-Reaching Content

More media formats on more devices mean more people consume your message.

You make more sales and never miss your potential customers.

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All in One Location

From our online dashboard, you can easily manage all your NextGen ™ Press Release resources. 

Trouble free and easy to start. 

NewswireLab understands today’s media market. The NextGen ™ Press Release is designed by enthusiastic media specialists to amplify your message across the internet. Let us help you reach more customers in more places.