Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We publish all material that follows the same guidelines as the press release industry. Some examples of topics we are not allowed to publish are releases related to illegal or unethical behavior, nudity or adult related content, gambling, pharma, buying likes, or spam like content.  We cannot publish anything that does not meet the standard press release guidelines.

TAT is usually 5-7 days and not longer than 7 -10 days. 

As long as you did not submit anything you can get a full refund. But if the submission process has started then we won’t be able to issue a refund. 

Currently we only support English. 

Yes, you can choose to approve it before submission or choose to auto distribute without approval.

Yes, our press release distribution is a monthly service so you can get the best results from ongoing publications. However, you can cancel at anytime.  

Absolutely ! you do not even need to contact us for that. You can cancel your membership from your dashboard at any time

Not exactly. We continue to add new services, but from time to time we may drop one as well. 

Press releases continue to be a journalist’s most trusted source for brand information. Getting your brand—or your clients’ brands—featured on any of the 100s of news sites can skyrocket website traffic, product sales, and brand recognition. And the NextGen TM Press Release does even more.  

Yes. Press releases boost brand awareness, provide backlinks, and send free traffic to your website. Backlinks (even when they are no-follow) let search engines like Google know your content is valuable so they rank your site higher. Also, Google creates featured snippets when topics have related news stories, giving your clients another opportunity to top the SERPs.

There’s a common misconception that some of the no-follow backlinks in PRs are useless, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your website still receives SEO benefits simply by being mentioned.

The key to quality links from high authority sites is creating newsworthy content that includes stats or data in your presser that journalists mention with a link directly to your website.

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